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31 PROJECT is dedicated to promoting African contemporary art scenes through multidisciplinary exhibitions of artists originating from the continent and its diasporas.

The gallery plays a dynamic role in these networks and this emerging market that are shifting the cartography of international contemporary art.

31 PROJECT was conceived on a flexible model, to respond as close as possible to the latest developments of African scenes and to demonstrate their vitality.

The 31 PROJECT team is temporarily available by appointment only until its new space opens in early 2024.



Clémence Houdart founded the gallery 31 Project in 2019, in collaboration with Charles-Wesley Hourdé. Today, Clémence Houdart redeploy 31 project under her sole direction.

As an entrepreneur in the cultural sector, and after numerous achievements in visual arts development, production and artistic direction, she  created 31 Project gallery  to support and promote artists from the continent.

Combining her expertise in contemporary art with her knowledge of the market, she puts her high standards, values and enthusiasm for creation in all its forms at the service of artists, museums and collectors.

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