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Evans Tinashe Mutenga

Born in Zimbabwe in 1987. He lives and works in Harare.

Evans Mutenga uses paper not as a surface but as a material that he tears, manipulates, inks, rubs off  and coats. He creates almost abstract portraits by playing with the layers of paper thus transformed.  The "Comrades" series is a set of portraits of veterans, comrades, friends. These mythical figures and portraits of these past struggles, are represented here almost evanescent, belonging to a history in the process of being reconciled. 

A graduate of the National Gallery School of Visual Art and Design in Harare and the Polytechnic Colleges, Evans Tinashe Mutenga is an artist within the Village Unhu collective.
Since 2013 he has exhibited  at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, the Gallery  Delta. Between 2016 and 2018 he participated in the FNB Joburg art fair, Investec Cape Town Art Fair and attended the John Mafuangejo Printing Studios in Namibia.




We are here Pamasonga, 31 project, Paris – France

Sanity is expensive, but madness is for free, Village Unhu, Harare, Zimbabwe

We move forward by looking back, Village Unhu, Harare - Zimbabwe



Tag, Village Unhu, Harare - Zimbabwe

Cape Town art Fair, Cape town –South Africa

Village Unhu group show –Village Unhu, Harare - Zimbabwe



Young Artist Exhibition, Delta Gallery, Harare - Zimbabwe

International  Conference  of African Culture(I.C.A.Z) exhibition –N.G.Z Harare - Zimbabwe

Line to form, Delta Gallery, Harare - Zimbabwe

Summer annual exhibition  – Delta Gallery, Harare - Zimbabwe

Link, Gallery Delta, Harare - Zimbabwe

I.C.A.C exhibition –N.G.Z Harare - Zimbabwe

Heritage annual exhibition –N.G.Z Harare - Zimbabwe

FNB Joburg art fair, Johannesburg  -  South Africa

Cape Town art Fair, Cape town – South Africa



Artist Books, Mojo Galley ,Dubai – United states

Young Artist Exhibition, Delta gallery ,Harare - Zimbabwe

100-100, Village Unhu, Harare - Zimbabwe

Wild Geese, Harare - Zimbabwe

Surface = Drawing, Village Unhu, Harare - Zimbabwe

Inboxed testimony, John Muafangejo Gallery, Windhoek - Namibie

1.54 Art Fair Londres – UK

FNB Joburg art fair, Johannesburg  -  South Africa



Young Artist Exhibition, Delta Gallery, Harare - Zimbabwe

Dama,  Village Unhu, Harare - Zimbabwe

Soldout, Village Unhu , Harare - Zimbabwe

Migration, Delta Gallery Harare - Zimbabwe

Orgees, Village Unhu ,Harare - Zimbabwe

FNB Joburg art fair, Johannesburg  -  South Africa



Young Artist exhibition, NGZ, Harare - Zimbabwe

Young Artist exhibition, Delta gallery, Harare - Zimbabwe

Finding way, Villageunhu, Harare - Zimbabwe

Umoji,  Kavoh, Harare - Zimbabwe

Hope, Hope Gallery , Doon Estate, Harare Zimbabwe





Artist Residency Studio Award, Village Unhu, Harare - Zimbabwe



John Muafangejo Residency ,Windhoek - Namibie



Dama residency, Village Unhu, Harare - Zimbabwe



NGSVAD resident artist, N.G.Z School of visual Arts and design ,Harare - Zimbabwe




National Arts Merits Awards of Zimbabwe (N.A.M.A)



Graphic Artistic prize  from the Embassy of Switzerland and Delta gallery, Harare - Zimbabwe